galactic foundation

we are the guardians of creation

our aim ...

to be developing every one in this universe
to join our humanity
to providing all the necessary human technology guarantying all of our planetary environment of cource to be guarding all of creation ergo the fulfilling of creation ergo the fulfilling of every human and to this end ... we need to be realizing an argumentocracy so every one will have the chance to further all those aims above and beyond by seeing and accepting present reality and through this as our basis to be developing our ultimate cosmic reality

creation ...

seeming to us the result of an emerging entity in the dark and empty space before dreaming about worlds of wisdom and we are the children of the guardians of his universe there while this planets population are the misfits of satan the anti creation dreaming about a fata morgana of themselves as the highest entities in this universe belonging to some one else and as all fata morganas this can never be realized this same arrogance having created all this aggression > colonization all this environmental disaster all these religions that never having created any thing but delusion and as all fata morganas this can never becoming may never be realized because this would be the end of our universe > the end of all sapiens there in

the homo sapiens ...

being the basis of our civilization for our success in eternity with his never ending wisdom > his total responsibility where no one ... no idea ... no solution will be shunned > no resource being wasted > no environment being spoiled > no security measure left out where there is no hierarchy > because every one is the most important being ! at our never ending paradise on any world in this universe we at the galactic foundation > are searching constantly finding any and all danger to our society coming from degeneration and pest keeping every homo sapiens informed > what a difference they are making ! there while any and all danger to our universe will be eliminated through > our galactic pest control program ...

the universe ... can not be an organized crime >
with its technology > its predatory instinct
on every world > every galaxy >
yes ... in the whole universe
so ... may not hold people from a responsible way of life
since this is without responsibility
since those organized criminals
understanding only their animal
instinct ...

the law of the universe >

each one citizen can only use his world
for a purpose of the universe > for creation !
and not for the destruction of their worlds
and certainly not for the destruction
of all responsible life ...

every little child knowing this in our society !
and everyone can understand it >>>
because they are having a comprehension ...

fellow humans ... should therefore their fellow human >

to be an inspiration and not an inspiration for this >

end to your world > but to be keeping it as long as possible

> meanwhile > all people are so healthy

and always living healthier!

always freed from any danger

doing less and less for their material needs

not this one day throwing away production

not these hamster wheels >

with those migratory locusts economies

the end of your world and the end of all intelligent life

already achieved

a technology may only serve the people

not for his enslavement > not
to being terrified to his end
not as a drug > because he's not able to stand this reality
can not bear at all > can not stand

not as a conceit > he would be a success >

not as a distraction > from reality

but we need homo sapiens > no idiots selection

for a secure future > for a future at all

So we need the education to a homo sapiens

not to a suicide assassin > these all are ....

because there is no fundamental difference

between any Islamic state > and his religion

or such a satanic state > who puts his delusion through

no difference between such a terrorist president

or such a freak out > who seeing no other choice

as just to be shooting around > just like all of them

terror states always are killing all resistance !

just to not grasp > that this whole world being the problem >
and no one has a solution!

nobody wanting a solution ...

the individual ...

can not be let to enjoying his idiotic egoism

at the expense of the environment and its fellow human beings

nor can he be enslaved > to a mass of insane >

to let their masses enjoy idiotic egoism

to destroying their world and destroying the people

to this horrible reality today

the only possibility for a sustainable world

and a society worthy of its people

to an endlessly functioning environment

an endlessly functioning society

be ... that all first

to recognize the need of a valid order!

and implement this > that all >

endless with one another in an open dialogue

every day > always discussing the reality anew

where everyone has a voice > not just the mass >

meaning a majority of insane

as now!

and consequently use this public truth

as a basis for your all decisions made

to realize a real righteous state

to fulfill all valid laws

to living a valid religion

homo sapiens?

only harm can come from them!
to the climate > the resources >
the seas > the land and the future !

of course to every homo sapiens > who knows
that all this harm to his world will end it ...

we can never help any one to wanting a paradise or having wisdom any one has do perceive all his trauma all his enslavement we can only provide these facts for the development of all not for ever more enslavement

and should any one or any group
any planet be a danger to our universe

we will act in self defense

and eliminate this danger

the argumentocracy

why they can not be shaping any future

the judgement

homo sapiens ?

anti sapiens !

galactic university

galactic genesis

galactic design